Hi. I am Daphne, and I was born December 3, 2013. Things didn’t go so well for me at the beginning, and I ended up in a shelter. That was really scary. But in May of 2014, I found a new home.

Mom and dad are really cool. They work from home, so I have company all day long and don’t get lonely. I have tons of toys and things to chew on, but they get mad if I chew on wires.

One of my favorite things to do is to help mom take off her socks. I like the taste, and I carry them around with me. Dad tried to video me doing that, but I’m too smart for him and I don’t let him take pictures of that. I’m young, but I’m not dumb.

My personal information is; I’m about 12 “ tall and I weigh 12 and ½ pounds. I have white curly hair. I watch what I eat so I can keep my figure. I like to exercise, too, so I do a lot of running and playing. Mom and dad had another dog before for a long time, and I want to be here a long time, too.