Here are links to musicians I admire, and in most cases have seen in concert. In one way or another, they have each been influential in my journey in the improvement of my guitar skills.

Chet Atkins: Deceased. Influenced countless musicians, including a number of those listed below. Was influential in mentoring, producing and introducing them into the mainstream. an all around nice guy in addition to being an immense talent

Jerry Reed: Deceased. A good friend of Chet Atkins, a good actor and an extremely talented guitarist. Underrated for sure.

Django Reinhart: A guitar genius who invented an entire genre of music called Gypsy Jazz, now played all over the world. One of my favorite styles–wish I was better at it.

John Jorgenson: One of the best Django style guitar players that America has to offer. I was fortunate to see him in 2014 when he came Los Angeles. He is a multi instrumentalist who comes from a family of musicians, and plays everything from classical to rock to bluegrass–one of my very favorites:

Tommy Emmanuel: One of the best in the world, and a very generous instructor. I saw him in 2014 as well. A one man band who plays every type of music; pop, rock, jazz, Gypsy, you name it–and at blinding speed. A protégé of Chet Atkins:

Frank Vignola: An all around jazz guy, from Gypsy jazz to American standards. I got to play on stage with him once–what a thrill.

Richard Smith: another Chet Atkins protégé. I caught this guy at a house concert–blew everyone away.

Pat Donohue: 21 years as the guitarist and songwriter for Prairie Home Companion. Caught him at a house concert as well.

Tony Rice: One of the best in bluegrass.

David Grisman: Mandolinist who plays everything from bluegrass to swing and jazz.

Ricky Skaggs: A bluegrass standard. I was lucky to see him in concert some years ago:

Bryan Sutton: That’s him on the Ricky Skaggs track playing blazingly fast guitar.

Doc Watson: Taught all the bluegrass guitar players how to flatpick. I got to see him in concert some years ago. Passed away in 2012 at age 88.

Steve Kaufman: 7 time world flatpicking champion. Now teaches and sponsors bluegrass camps.

Joe Pass: Now deceased. Fabulous jazz guitarist–everyone learned from him. very listenable, even if you are not a jazz fan.

Diana Krall: Great jazz pianist. Most of her stuff is played slowly enough that I can follow her and practice my ear training.


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